The Netherlands


  • Testimonials

    After a day helping in the Village, the one love foundation felt as a true Home.
    Kiki Meijer
    100% of your donation to the people who need it. For the one Love foundation its naturally. Great food and maximum involvement.
    One love, one village, one home. And countless warm memories of a little paradise on earth!
    Miranda Kleijn
    We loved being in Ghana and volenteer with 2 great people doing something good for the locals.
    Charlie en Liëlle
    What an NGO should be: Every pennie to the community, voluntering for sustainability.
    Rob Godfried
    Wonderful family run organization that let’s you get involved as much as you’d like. A perfect place to immerse yourself in another culture, give your time and efforts to others, and enjoy a fun-loving family on the beaches of Ghana.
    Kristy Davids