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Our names are Brandon McKay and Stefny Poillot. Both of us have travelled around the world seeing countries for its people and not just for its “sights”. During our travels we have volunteered to help people around the world, but have rarely felt like we have made a real change.

Our dream is to have a place where you can go to volunteer at a grass root level, therefore when you come you can spend your donation fee where you want and also have your own input. Volunteering without boundaries!!!

While visiting friends in Ghana we fell in love with the country. We knew that it was our chance to finally live our dream. So we leased land near a friendly coastal village called Asaafa, which is 30 minutes from Cape Coast and an hour and a half from Accra. After spending a lot of time with the locals we saw that there was a real need for help from the villages who earn less than one dollar a day. So with a perfect beach environment and thousands of people needing your help there was no better place to start the concept of holiday volunteering.

Most of the times as a volunteer you have to pay a lot of money even before you start with your volunteering and once you started you realize that you are most of the time on the sideline, you don’t see where your money goes and you leave feeling like you haven’t achieved anything.

As a volunteer at One Love Foundation you work at a grass root level where your donation fee goes directly to the area(s) you wish, instead of office supplies, staff wages, vehicles and so forth, so you can personally see and choose where your money goes.

Our mission is to provide support and improvements in two major areas; Health and Education. You can choose in which project you want to work. At one love you are not on the sideline but you are in the front-line. For further information click on volunteer information and on projects.

On top of this we provide you a safe, healthy, European friendly guesthouse which is right on the beach of Asaafa. So everyday you can wake up to the sights and sounds of the Gulf of Guinea. After a hard day of work you can relax at your beachfront wooden bungalow or chill on the deck with fellow volunteers. As we aim to improve the lives of the villages we are also concerned with the natural environment. Through the use of solar power, composting waste and other environmentally friendly practices we can make your carbon footprint here in Ghana as small as possible.
For further information click on accommodation.

If you can’t spend the time but want to help financially in an existing project or even an idea of your own, we take donations and keep you up to date on all the progress of your sponsored child or project seeing exactly where your money goes, and to feel like you are participating.
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