The Netherlands



If you have not organized accommodation in Ghana while you are volunteering, we have a guesthouse which is located on a remote beach, only 10 minutes walk from all volunteer projects. It is also a green guesthouse which is run totally from the sun.

The huts are basic double or twin with a traditional grass roof. They are all situated right on the beach with double opening doors giving you the amazing view through the coconut palm trees to the gulf of Guinea. The huts are 3.5 m x 6 m with a 2 meter front deck. Because of the elevated construction of the huts, the constant wind from the Gulf of Guinea provides natural ventilation keeping the huts cool allowing us to conserve energy and protect the planet by not using air conditioner.

Next to the hut is our dining/ chill area where volunteers and backpackers can relax to music, play many games provided, read books from our huge English/Dutch library or take a fishing rod and try and catch dinner!
We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for free and also offers extras at local prices. We serve fresh food, hot baked bread, fresh vegetables, and herbs and spices from the garden and of course the catch of the day directly from the ocean at your door.

We have two private open air showers and two western style toilets. As we are situated in a natural wetland coastal region, waste cannot be put into the ground without upsetting the ecology of the area. So all waste is treated and used for composite along with all other organic matter produce from your stay.

Cost: 17 euro’s per night includes:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner
  • the use of all amenities on site.


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