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One Love Foundation internships gives volunteers the opportunity to learn and experience various educational or medical conditions in a situation which is different from the one you are use to. The experience will be rewarding and challenging, giving you hands on experience in the field of your choice.

Medical Internship

You will be working with Ghanaian medical professionals in whatever field of medicine you study or practice. You can choose to work in the busy district hospital where you can get experience by shadowing, observing and assisting doctors or nurses in various departments or work hands on in rural clinics dressing wounds, assisting immunizations, post and pre natal care, assisting midwives and basic first aid.

Educational Internship

Here you will be working with a class of your choice. You can work with a teacher or take your own class the choice is up to you. You will have an amazing experience with your class as the students are very keen to learn and really enjoy interacting with volunteers. You can work with teacher trainers and other teachers expanding your skills and obtaining hands on experience in the field of education.

Once you have decided to be an intern, One Love Foundation will design an internship experience to suit your needs, your school/ institutions needs and the needs of the Ghana Health Service or the Ghana Education Service.

All volunteers will need to provide One Love Foundation with a letter of introduction, curriculum vitae of your educational history, a list of your and your school or institutions needs and the internship period you require.

The price of a internship is higher than a normal volunteer as the work need to support this project is higher for the organization. The cost for internships are:

Cost €169 per week

You need to add the one time donation fee of 250 which will be spent by you and us in your project seeing exactly where your donation is spent.

Therefore if you stay for 2 weeks it will cost:
2 weeks x 169 euros = €338
One off donation fee + €250 = €688 for 2 weeks

Three weeks will cost:
3 weeks x 169 euros = €507
One off donation fee + €250 = €757 for 3 weeks

This includes:

  • Accommodation in your beachfront bungalow
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • your internship is personal designed together with the Ghana Health Service
  • transport is covered to and from the hospital,
  • 24 hour support in-country
  • pre-departure support
  • All amenities at One Love Foundation.



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