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Many children in rural areas of Ghana miss out on Secondary Education due to lack of money to pay for further education. Secondary Education is not free in Ghana for children from 15 to 18 years. Completion of this is needed to work for the police force, army or any governmental job. Therefore for a child this education is necessary to allow him or her to get a good job and provide for his or her family. Sponsoring a child not only helps a child but also their family.

For 50 euro’s a month One Love Foundation will connect you to a child in need. How do we pick these children? From all the surrounding schools we take the top performers in Basic School when they finish. This gives a reward for good work at school and providing an incentive for the younger ones to work even better and makes sure that the sponsored child is serious about his/her education and will continue the good work.

A lot of people sponsor children around the world but unfortunately this money doesn’t reach the child or family. We have experienced in our village 75 children who are sponsored and not a single child receives the money. Since we are a small organization we monitor every sponsored child all the way through school, making sure that your donation doesn’t go to waste. So if you are donating to a large NGO, change to us and 100% goes to the child!

lindaI’m Frimpong Manso Linda from Ekumfi Asaafa. I come from a home of six people which includes my parents and siblings. I am the third child.

It is my dream to become a journalist in the future. Since there are no jobs in my community, it makes it hard for parents in supporting their children to the next level.

Thanks to the NGO of Two Love Foundation, the headmaster and teachers of the school I have gotten the chance to continue my education in order to achieve my dreams.

I am therefore appealing to the whole world to come together and raise fund to support the brilliant children in rural areas. Those who have no one to help in continuing their education.

Please, help in donating of funds so as to support poor children in the rural areas. Thank you.


emmanuelMy name is Emmanuel Gyesi from Ekumfi Asokwa in the central region of Ghana.

I had my Basic Education at Ekumfi Asokwa and got aggregated eleven in 2012 BECE.

It is my intension to become a banker, accountant to be precise.

I am able to study business at the Methodist Senior High School Saltpond, because the One Love Foundation is sponsoring me. I want to thank you for your help.

As I am from the rural areas my ambition is to help my younger ones and my people from poverty.

Thank you.

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