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Volunteer Information

If you are enthusiastic, have a big heart, and really believe that your knowledge, money and hands can make a change than you can be a volunteer at One Love. It doesnt matter if you want to help for an hour, a week or a year.

Donation fee (only one time): 250 euro’s
Accommodation including breakfast, lunch and dinner: 17 euro’s a day.

If you stay with us and you want to volunteer for two weeks it will cost you:
14 days x 17
euro = 238
One off donation fee of + €250 = €488 for 2 weeks

For three weeks:
21 days x 17 euro = €357
One off donation fee of + €250 = €607 for 3 weeks

This includes:
– Accommodation
– Breakfast, lunch and Dinner
– Free pick up from the airport (minimum stay 4 weeks)
– Volunteering support in-country
– Pre-departure assistance


Your one off €250 donation will be spent by you and us in your project seeing exactly where your donation is spent while having the experience of shopping in the builders markets, wood markets, and other stores giving you a sense of interaction with the local people.


Before you leave your country it is required for you to get a yellow fever shot, as well as the usual travel injections. Due to the constant wind at the beach mosquitoes are very few at the guesthouse but in the village, where you will be working, you have a greater risk of getting bitten therefore as a precaution bring anti malaria medication such as Malarone. Dont hesitate to contact us over health issues.

Most airlines to Ghana allow a 46 kilo luggage limit, allowing you to bring all you need plus more.If you have access to secondhand childrens toys, please bring as much as you can as we use them in the nursery at the school. Or if you can get secondhand baby clothes, as we give these to the clinic to give to all new mothers and babies. This encourages the mother to come and give birth in the clinic instead of at home. Please dont buy new stuff as you can buy things here for half the price, only bring secondhand goods, what is one mans trash will be another mans treasure!


It is always important to have a suitable cancellation- and travel/volunteer insurance when you go abroad. Many travel insurances do not cover (voluntary) work, internships or extreme sports and have a limited validity. One Love Foundation advices you to use of the services of JoHo Insurances. JoHo Insurances specializes in insuring volunteers, interns, travelers and expats worldwide.

information and applying for an insurance directly online

We are looking for sponsors
and volunteers for our projects
So get in touch!